I am wrong even in this song / I’ve been up all night flying kites in a vacuum / Only smashing things trying to make sense / Of the past and the present and the future and all of the rest…” —Porcupine Tree, I Fail

The Blog: This is a chronological album-by-album retrospective series of almost everything Steven Wilson’s touched in his capacity as a musical person. These aren’t necessarily reviews, although they might take that form, but they do aim to be engagements with the source material, whether directly or obliquely, in the hopes that they’ll cough up something interesting or insightful. Or failing that, something that can do a good imitation of same when dressed up the right way.

As a general rule, there will be one entry per album and any associated supplementary releases. Albums by other artists where Wilson guested or produced will be included. However, there will be no test pressings, promos, record company compilations or samplers, or fakes. Bootlegs will be covered only if they pique my interest. Remixes will be lumped together in one big post for each release year. Posting frequency is ideally once a week, with the caveat that I’m not fast enough a writer to keep that schedule up consistently.

Acknowledgments. The style of this blog owes massive debts to Chris O’Leary’s Pushing Ahead of the Dame (aka Bowiesongs) and Elizabeth Sandifer’s Nintendo and Super Nintendo Projects, both idiosyncratic attempts at chronicling large bodies of work. The substance, meanwhile, primarily draws from Uwe Häberle’s Complete Steven Wilson Discography, Quinn Downton’s Neural Rust, and Rich Wilson’s Time Flies, all of which you should check out.

The Author: I’m Ted, I live in Pennsylvania, and I’m “known” for drawing transit maps. I’ve been a Steven Wilson fan since 2009. I like trains.

The Header Photo: One of mine, from the then-final Blackfield concert in May 2014, in New York City. What a show.